Update Information for Members

All members whose addresses are not updated / email ids and phone nos not registered with secretariat are requested to do so at the earliest. Kindly send the details to below addresses.

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TF-PT and C-AQ Online Directory

GENTLE REMINDER We kindly ask your help in implementing the new worldwide online directory of EQA/PT providers in laboratory medicine for the in vitro diagnostics scientific community new database by sending the following link ( 52lo895/) to the EQA/PT provider(s) in your country in order to be included in the database. Thank you for your [...]

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All members are requested to complete the survey and send.

We invite all IFCC National Representatives to distribute the Annual IFCC survey to their membership and ask for individual laboratory scientists within their society to complete the survey and provide their comments and suggestions. /IFCC_Membership_2017 Deadline for submission is: 14 April 2017.

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Call for nominations for one Member position within the EMD C-CLM

To:  National Representatives of IFCC National Society Members Representatives of IFCC Corporate Members Dear All, Kindly find attached a letter on behalf of Prof Leslie Lai, Chair of  IFCC Education & Management Division, announcing a call for nominations for one Member position within the EMD C-CLM Replies should be sent to the IFCC Office ( by [...]

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